Please understand that we will only process deposits and withdrawals made by our clients at Backwell Global. All third party transfers will not be accepted. We do not charge any transaction fees of our own.

Bank Wire Transfer Processing Time

Bank Transfer MethodsTransferring Funds WithinTransferring Funds Within
Intra-Bank Transfers
  • Same Country
  • Same Bank
Within 1 Day
Inter-Bank Transfers
  • Same Country
  • Different Banks
Within 1 Day
Inter-Bank within Asia
  • Different Country
  • Different Banks
Within 1 Day
Telegraphic Transfer
Transferring funds between
  • Different Countries or
  • Different Currencies
Within 3 Days

Before you fund your account through any of our online payment service providers, it is important to read our disclosure statement below.

Services provided by our online payment service providers are independent of Blackwell Global Investment (Cambodia) Co.Ltd. Online payment service providers are neither affiliates nor subsidiaries of Blackwell Global. The option of using our online payment services as a mode of fund transfer will only be made available to our retail clients. Blackwell Global does not in any way, endorse or recommend the usage of these online payment service methods over any other form of payment and assumes no liability for any transaction between its clients and these online payment service methods. Clients may only fund an account with Blackwell Global once the account application is approved and an email with an Infinitum account number has been provided. All deposits with Blackwell Global must match the client's name, email address and account numbers exactly as held at. In compliance with the applicable financial regulations, Blackwell Global cannot accept any third party transfers. Clients are strongly advised to review thoroughly the instructions and the disclosures posted on the respective online payment service providers’ websites. Blackwell Global recommends that all policies and procedures regarding transfer, fees, etc. are clearly understood by the Client prior to using the online payment services listed. Clients can only redeem funds through the respective funding methods they have chosen. Blackwell Global specifically reserves the right to return funds to Clients via the chosen funding methods rather than via wire transfer.