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Top 5 Forex News Sites

Top 5 Forex News Sites Currency prices move in tandem with major news releases around the globe. Events like election results, natural disasters, war, release of economic reports, appointment of a new central bank chairperson and many other geo-political occurrences influence the forex markets. For a trader, it is a challenge to find reliable sources

How Commodities Affect the Economy

How Commodities Affect the Economy Market movements and price fluctuations are influenced by a number of factors, such as economic reports, large institutional block trades and such like. Of all these factors, one that is often underestimated is the impact of commodity prices. Fluctuating commodity prices not only have a significant impact on business, they

London Morning Breakout Strategy

London Morning Breakout Strategy Did you know that nearly 30% of all forex transactions take place in the London trading session? Although several other European forex markets open along with London, the latter is the busiest and most popular centre. These trading sessions open around the time when several Asian market participants are getting ready

Trading Psychology 2.0

Trading Psychology 2.0 Having a good strategy is not enough to survive in the financial market today. We often see two traders with the same trading strategy ending up with very different returns. The difference comes from trader psychology, meaning that each trader thinks and reacts differently. The trader’s psychology and attitude is not something

Money Management Strategies

Money Management Strategies Successful forex trading requires proper knowledge and education, a lot of patience and the ability to quickly adapt to the changing market conditions. While most traders are attracted to forex trading with the idea of getting rich from making that one big trade, the reality is that forex trading is not that

Hedging Using Gold or Cryptos

Hedging Using Gold or Cryptos Gold has been a highly popular tool for hedging against investments in currencies, commodities and other financial instruments. Hedging allows investors to offset losses in an asset class, generally currencies and stocks. But recent months have seen investors look towards cryptocurrencies as a possible hedging tool. The astounding rise in

What is Volatility?

Volatility describes the fluctuation of price change over a period of time. Instruments with low volatility exhibit relatively stable price movements, while markets with high volatility move sharply with erratic price movements, hitting new highs and lows quickly. Is Volatility Good For the Market? It’s important to remember that some volatility is natural. In fact,

What is Trading Sentiment?

What is Trading Sentiment? Trading is all about making informed decisions, keeping emotions at bay. And yet, despite much effort, sentiments do end up affecting not just a single trader’s decisions but also the way the markets move. Investor behaviour has a considerable impact on asset prices and demand for specific financial instruments. Behavioural economics

What is Liquidity?

Liquidity is something that many investors fail to take into consideration or understand, which then leads to the failure of their financial plans during critical times. Lack of liquidity can cause more problems than any other aspect of finance. So, here’s a look at what liquidity is and how it affects the market. Liquidity Liquidity